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Oh Ryan Tedder. If the name isn't ringing bells with you fine Majak Mixtape reader(s?), you most definitely know his sound. As the frontman of OneRepublic and a sought-after writer/producer, Ryan Tedder's stamp is all over the current Top 40 landscape. Below a sampling of Tedder's work in one of OneRepublic's more recent singles, "Secrets"
Let's be honest, Ryan Tedder's production on songs aren't even trying anymore. We're pretty sure that Tedder just has one drumbeat button in his studio that he presses to help form the basis of songs to be played in romantic drama trailers and ending montages on Grey's Anatomy. Let's check out some of Tedder's other similar sounding work:
Kelly Clarkson's "Already Gone"
Leona Lewis' "Happy"
Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield"

We'd post more of his productions, but our sanity simply can't take that much same-soundey drumbeat without wanting to punch somebody in the face.

And now, you don't even need to get Ryan Tedder in order to get Ryan Tedder sound. Just look at The Saturdays and their tune "Here Standing" from their sophomore album Wordshaker

So all we're saying to Tedder is put the drumbeat away for a little bit because it's all becoming a little bit much for us.

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