Look at Me, I'm Sandra Lee: A Semi-Homemade Starter Course


Once upon a time, many TV show viewings ago, yours truly was scrolling through the various TV networks to find something to watch. In the midst of gavels, hair pulling, and news talking heads, I came upon the magic that is the Food Network and its array of programming: The Barefoot Contessa and her good vanilla, Paula Deen and her butter addiction, Rachael Ray and her gaping maw, Giada and her gaping shirts, Bobby Flay's smug gingerness, etc. But then I was introduced to the television crack that is the one, the only, the Semi-Homemaker herself, Sandra Lee.

Less a cooking show and more of a 30 extravaganza of culinary crimes against humanity with cocktails, Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee is one of the greatest things to ever grace our TV screens. Any program where the hostess continuously starts recipes with some version of this statement, "I have a great recipe for potato salad which just starts with some store bought potato salad" is going to be a comedic classic. I mean, while the major networks are struggling to launch sitcoms, Food Network has comedic brilliance on a weekly basis with Ms. Lee.

After running for years, Sandra Lee decided to pretend that she was down to Earth and started another show called Sandra's Money Saving Meals which operated from the revolutionary concept that making food from scratch was cheaper than eating at a restaurant. WHO KNEW.

A sampling of Sandra Lee's talents on Money Saving Meals:

Thankfully, this fall Sandra Lee has returned to her original, more awesome brand and is now gracing us with new episodes of Semi-Homemade Cooking.

So this week, we are celebrating the return of Sandra Lee with a week's worth of recaps of her fantastic insanity.

We leave you with Sandra Lee's tenuous at best grasp of the English language as she talks about being "literally vertical" on a carnival ride.

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