The Majak Mixtape - New Music Tuesday

Here we are for another round of new music Tuesday, your weekly source of all things good, bad, and earworm-y. This week we're highlighting some new singles that are currently populating our playlists.

First up, we have British singer Duffy and her new single "Well, Well, Well."

We have a love/hate relationship with Duffy. We love her retro sound/look. We hate her helium/nasal vocals often. This song plays directly to the love/hate relationship we have with the chauntuese since it seems to go out of its way to play directly to both the good and bad of her vocals. Plus, with her voice, having her singing "Well, well, well" sounds distinctly like "Whale, Whale, Whale" with her accent. Which maybe that's what she's saying, as a diss to zaftig British singer Adele. The world may never know.

Next up, Marsha Ambrosius serves up a ballad version of her new single "I Hope She Cheats on You" with "The Ballad of Hope She Cheats"

Pulling an Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind, Part II," former Floetry member lays down a new version of her single that slows it down a bit. We still prefer the midtempo version:

Either way, we still enjoy having Kim Kardashian-as-a-verb being added to our slang terminology.

Lastly, Sufjan Stevens' new album The Age of Adz is out today. Below is "Futile Devices" from the album:

God bless Seth Cohen. That's how we became fans of Sufjan Stevens, many moons ago when The O.C. was populating the airways. Sufjan also has had his music on Nip/Tuck. Basically, if you ever need a moment of melancholy to be underscored by something, Sufjan Stevens is the man for you.

We leave you with our favorite song of his, "All The Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands"

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