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Oh Tom Brady and Randy Moss, let's have a little discussion shall we? According to various reports, you two got into a nasty little spat shortly before Moss was traded to the Minnesota Vikings. What was the argument about? Plays? No. Simmering racial tensions? Wrong again. Hair? Ding. Ding. Ding. We got a winner.

Yes, two grown ass men went junior high girl on each other with Randy Moss insulting Tom Brady's current look, telling him his haircut made him look like a girl.
Now, is it a flattery cut for the usually hunky Tom Brady? No. Does it make it look like he should be solving mysteries with Shaun Cassidy? Yes.
Tom Brady for his part apparently made some snide remarks about Randy Moss' facial hair.

Which how you criticize his facial hair and skip over the I Got Drunk In Mexico Senor Frog cornrows, we'll never know.

But we here at the Mixtape are all about mending fences, bringing people together, especially if they are jocks and the nudity is tastefully done and is intregal to the plot. And even though the story will probably prove not to be even true, it's still good enough for us to get a mixtape about because we're tired from the weekend and need to go back to bed.

So we kick off the week with our celebration of beauty, no matter how jank it can be sometimes in our "This Mixtape Thinks You're Both Pretty" mix.

First up is India.Arie and her tune "I Am Not My Hair"

For those keeping score, India is not her hair OR the girl in the video.

We love India.Arie, even though it seems her career now consists of being on chick flick soundtracks and being trotted out for BET Awards to sing tributes to near-dead music legends. Preachy as she may be, which she is by a lot, we appreciate India.Arie taking on the subject matter of how hair, especially in the Black community, can be such a defining characteristic. We just wished she didn't sound like one of those posters that hang up in a guidance counselor office.

Bonus, the trailer for Chris Rock's fantastic 2009 documentary Good Hair

Next up is Uncanny Alliance and their 1995 hit "I'm Beautiful, Damnit"

We're sure pretty boy Tom Brady routinely says this to himself in the mirror before heading out to the huddle. We still question how this song didn't make it into To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar but getting covered by the Divine Miss M, who essentially is a drag queen who has made good, is pretty close.

Lastly we have Sugababes and their tune "Ugly"

Whoever directed this video clearly read the manual for how these videos about self-esteem are supposed to play out. Scores of allegedly quirky and diverse people doing quirky and diverse things in front the camera? Check. Your singers looking pensive through their mascara? Check. Usually set in a run down sort of place to give the illusion of grit? Yes.

See also:

In conclusion, even with Tom Brady's Prince of Persia hair we still say:

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