The Majak Mixtape - Unbreak My Credit

Oh Toni Braxton, we can't even begin with you right now. You are filing for bankruptcy for the second time, having filed for it back in 1998. You're currently worth something between one million to 10 million dollars at the moment, the kind of networth we would personally kill for since we are currently slaving away in retail hell for minimum wage. But enough about us being paupers, back to Braxton being a broke ass bitch right now, owing something like $50 million to varios creditors including everybody from Tiffany & Co. and Neiman Marcus to DirecTV and even allegedly Orkin Pest Control.

Now, we get that Braxton is probably in debt partially due to the raising of her autistic son but Jesus, when you're a formerly huge R&B star we'd at least hope you could pay your bills to the fucking bug man. Homegirl better start putting together audition tapes together for Tyler Perry or get her own dating show on VH-1 because time for a dignified response to the debt is about as over as your reign on the top of the Billboard Charts.

In the meantime, while you're sitting around your large home that will soon probably be empty of furniture if you can't get your proverbial shit together, we honor you and some of the R&B divas of the 90s that we loved.

First up, we start with you Miss Braxton and your song "He Wasn't Man Enough"
Oh how we loved this song in high school. Ms. Braxton made the then rare stab at dancing while Robin Givens tried to put Head of the Class and Mike Tyson behind her by showing of her music video "acting skills." Also, we'll own the fact that to this day we still don't know what the hell husky voiced, mush mouthed Toni is saying in the verses, but we be jamming regardless.

Next up Mya and fellow has been Dru Hill
Currently releasing only mixtapes and albums in Japan, there was a time when Mya was a pop star darling, before Beyonce came and pretty slayed everybody. Sisqo, for his part, is currently being featured on a reality show on BET's spin-off channel Centric. Let us put this in context, they were more game to put Keyshia Cole's hoodrat mother and sister on their main network before you. Oh Dru Hill, that's just depressing.

Lastly, we have Aaliyah and her cover of the Isley Brothers' "At Your Best"

Here is why we are sad about Aaliyah's demise. It wasn't because she was talented and a great dancer and a sweet person. If she hadn't died, we wouldn't have to put up with Ciara. THINK ABOUT IT.

And if you're a Ciara fan and mad about that statement, all we can say is:

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