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Oh Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, how are you two lovely ladies doing this fine Thursday? Word out on the street is that you don't particularly care all that much for each other, especially you Lil Kim towards Nicki. We think that's a shame because there are barely any female rappers anymore that get any shine to begin with and especially there are not any like Nicki Minaj who can debut at number two on the Billboard Chart with some around 350,000 albums sold in just one week.

We understand your frustration Lil Kim. We really do. You were a trailblazer in the way that you took female rap from being a have-to-be-one-of-the-boys sort of game to being a thing where women were allowed to be as sexual as their male counterparts. You're like the Susan B. Anthony of the hip hop world, if Susan B. Anthony liked to spend a majority of her time talking about her ability to make various pop cans disappear in her mouth.

Now that you've been reduced to being on Dancing With the Stars and such while Nicki Minaj is seemingly everywhere on the Billboard charts, we'd be giving her a little bit of the side-eye action as well since a lot of her schtick can be traced back to your brand of rapping, at least when it comes down to the image.

The thing is we sort of don't want the feud to end because hip hop has been built on attack/diss records and since you being mad at Nicki Minaj has actually gotten you to make some new rhymes while it's made Nicki Minaj briefly stop with her new, more lovey dovey version and go back to a little bit of the grit from her mixtapes, we're all for this. As long as this doesn't end in a Tupac/Biggie way because we really don't want any Weave-on-Weave crime to disturb the hip hop party.

So in honor of your on-going feud, we've put together this mix today. So check one, two, this mix sounds nice.

First up, we have Lil Kim's diss track of Miss Minaj that came out the other week called "Black Friday"

Oh Lil Kim, you sound beyond, in the words of favorite people ONTD, a little bit "pressed" when it comes to Nicki Minaj.

I mean, let's be honest. No1curr about you for the past few years until Nicki Minaj hopped back up on the scene so we do agree that it is a smart move for you to try to ride her coattails to get some of your shine back since you've primarily just spent your time becoming a wax figure version of yourself.

And we have to say, you haven't sounded this interested in your rhymes in a very long time. Angry!Kim is always our favorite Lil Kim because she at least has something like a point to say other than her favorite position or asking the question of exactly how many licks would it take to get to the center of her. Which, as the owl says, the world may never know.

Up next, Nicki Minaj talks about all of her various detractors in her song "Still I Rise" off her Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape.

We'll give Nicki Minaj a bucket of credit for her ability to take on exactly what people say about her. From the fact that people say she's no Lil Kim and whatnot, it shows some sort of self-awareness on her. We doubt that Lil Kim sees it that way. Granted, we don't know if Lil Kim has eye sight anymore given how tight her face is as she continues her quest to look like a Cabbage Patch with the most amount of inappropriate cleavage you ever did see.

As much as people say that Minaj is copying Lil Kim, we here at the Mixtape think that though her image is vaguely Lil Kim-esque, her vocal delivery, especially when she gets all crazy with the accents she loves so much to trot out on tracks, is very much from the Busta Rhymes School of Flow.

Lastly, we think that eventually the feud will get over between the two. Not because they'll suddenly become BFFs. Hell to the no to that. It will be because their management will figure out that people are going to get tired of the back and forth between the two and then will force the two to get into the studio together to make a song together. Come on, if we've learned nothing from the musical Chicago, it's that entertainment industry is one of the best places for two bitches who hate each other to team up and make it rain dolla dolla bills y'all.

Yeah we just referenced a Broadway show in the midst of talking about hip hop. Got a problem with that?

Anyway, that's why we're hoping the duo will team-up and do the 2010 version of "Ladies Night."

Ooo eeee Kim. We love you very much. But that blond hair you were rocking for this video makes you look like an

And with that, we leave you this Thirsty Thursday. Hope you have a good day. And ladies, PLAY NICE!

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