The Majak Mixtape - I'll Cover You (Reprise)

How you doin' Mixtapers?! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, cover tunes by your favorite edition of the Majak Mixtape, where music soothes the savage celebrity scandal. Today, we're tackling some of our favorite cover tunes of late as who needs original songwriting when you can co-opt or flat out snatch the swagger off of somebody else.

But before we get to the plethora of tunes, it's time, as always, to:

Yesterday, we discussed ways to improve your body and being in the new year. Chef Gordon Ramsay is OBVIOUSLY not a follower of this blog as he recently appeared with David Beckham, looking like this:

Apparently nightmares aren't just a thing for the kitchen. The notoriously f-bomb happy chef, restaurateur and reality TV competition host has allegedly gone through facelift surgery as well as hair implants according to the ever reliable British tabloids like The Mirror. Whatever he has had done, which Ramsay has admitted in the past to having a touch-up here and there at the urging of that fine specimen of the male form Simon Cowell. Ignore him in the future Chef Ramsay. Let us be blunt. You're rich and famous and pretty much terrifying in your ability to eviscerate a person with swear words and references to them being some sort of farm animal. You don't need the surgery at all. What you need to do is to not listen to Simon Cowell. This is the man who threw his weight behind Lee Dewyze last season of "American Idol." Whatever shreds of taste he may or may not have crammed into one of those too-tight black V-necks is dubious under the best of conditions.

Speaking of nightmares, the woman who has been causing nightmares and headaches among her cast for the past season has decided to bid farewell. We are pre-mourning not being able to see her classiness on a weekly basis.

That's right, Camille "Pop, Lock, and Drop It" Grammer has decided to get the hell out of the Beverly Hills. Or not. According to contradictory reports in The Hollywood Reporter and People Magazine, either Camille has decided to jump ship or she's still weighing her options. We'd actually be surprised if Camille jumped the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" series after just one season. Though being on the cover of "Life and Style Magazine" with the completely self-esteem boosting title of "America's Most Hated Housewife," we wouldn't be surprised if a normal person decided to throw in the towel and quit. But people on these "Real Housewives" shows are not even people at some points but fame-obsessed robots programmed by the devilish mind of Andy Cohen. So honestly, we're expecting Camille to come around for another season if only to try to win herself a less villainous edit. If she does, we'll always have these amazing gifs of her, out and about in the world.

And from somebody we love to hate to somebody we love to love, James Franco continues to be awesome in ways your favorite couldn't be.

The "127 Hours" star and future Oscars host recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his careers. And as these things usually do in interviews, conversation swerved to Mr. Franco's sexuality. Given his roles in "Howl," "Milk" and "The Broken Tower," people have long speculated about where he fell on the gay/straight spectrum. And there were those drag photos he did too for Candy Magazine, where he either looked like a fierce woman or an ugly member of Human League. It really could go either way.

Speaking of going either way, Franco addressed rumors about his sexuality because of the roles he take in a smart manner, saying to Entertainment Weekly (or just EW to us because of the magazine's "Twilight" obsession):
"I’ve played a gay man who’s living in the ’60s and ’70s, a gay man who we depicted in the ‘50s, and one being in the ‘20s. And those were all periods when to be gay, at least being gay in public, was much more difficult. Part of what I’m interested in is how these people who were living anti-normative lifestyles contended with opposition. Or, you know what, maybe I’m just gay.”
We love that Franco isn't getting his hemp boxers all in a bunch about the situation, going as far as hilariously spoofing the speculation about himself in an episode of 30 Rock last season where he needed the character Jenna Maroney  to be his beard to cover up his illicit relationship with a Japanese pillow. Aw, Japanese pillow love, a love infinitely more believable than anything that has come out of the Kardashian household.

And with that, consider the tea to be spilled. Let us get our covers on! And we're not talking about those freakin' snuggies either.

Oh cover songs, how you doing? Covers usually come in three varieties. There are the songs that match the quality of the original, the kind that somehow manage to reinvent/improve on the original take, or there are the kind that make you shake your head and just simply say:

For every Cake "I Will Survive" or Florence and the Machine "Addicted to Love," you have everything from those ten million pop punk cover albums we're sort of embarrassed to admit having burned onto our computer or "Kidz Bop With Bad Continuity" otherwise known as "Glee." Okay, we'll at least give "Glee" credit for occasionally creatively reworking tunes like they did to Britney Spears and "Toxic."

We are an equal opportunity covers kind of place here. We enjoy folksy spin on pop tunes, like how indie act The Chapin Sisters took Madonna's jubilant "Borderline" and turned into something that would've been in the opening credits of "Deliverance." And we mean that in the best possible way.

Or Dawn Landes "O Brother Where Art Thou" take on Peter, Bjorn and John's "Young Folks."

On the other hand, we can never co-sign the hot mess that is "X-Factor" contestant Cher Lloyd and her cringe-inducing take on Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind."

We're still trying to figure out if Cher Lloyd's time on "X-Factor" this season wasn't some season-long prank from the minds behind the fabulous chav character Lauren Cooper.

Reality shows like "The X-Factor" and "American Idol" are like a wasteland of bad covers. For every Fantasia nailing "Summertime"

Or Kelly Clarkson working "Stuff Like That There"

You had Danny Gokey's final scream in his butchered attempt to try to sing Aerosmith's "Dream On"

Let us cleanse ourselves with The Cardigans and their bossa nova style take on Black Sabbath's"Sunday Bloody Sunday"

The "Lovefool" and "My Favourite Game" band is known for the metal roots of some of the members before forming the twee-licious band. They also took on Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" in such a chilled out/trip hoppy manner, it might be consider blasphemy by diehard fans of Ozzy.

All we can say to the people who don't like it is

BBC Live Lounge is always a great place to get stunning, flawless, amazing, slaying your favorite with acoustics version of tunes like Ellie Goulding taking on Rihanna's "Only Girl"

The Saturdays, on top of evidence from "Glee," further prove that all Bruno Mars songs are infinitely more tolerable if he's not the one singing it.

And we couldn't do a covers post without mentioning hipster band Pomplamoose. You may recognize them if you've seen some holiday ads last month featuring the act.

We love their album "Tribute to Famous People," which has amazing covers including Lady GaGa's "Telephone"

As well as a masterful cover of Earth Wind and Fire's "September."

Oh hipster covers, music you can stand around and not dance to because you've been rendered immobile by your American Apparel skinny jeans.

And with that, we end today's Mixtape. As always, we wish you love, peace and downloads! BRING ON THE DANCERS.

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