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Merry Thursday Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, WANTING TO DANCE WITH SOMEBODY BETTER THAN YOUR FAVORITE edition of the Majak Mixtape, where both pop culture and broken hearts go. It's Thirsty Thursday which means it's time for another installment of THROWBACK THURSDAY, that special day of the week when we hit rewind on our mental DV-R. With news that Whitney Houston has checked herself into a rehab facility to deal with drug and alcohol issues, we've decided to look back at Whitney Houston at her most cracked out moments over the years. We're just warning you. After today's Mixtape, you might not be able to pass a drug screening. But before we are your baby tonight, let us first do what we do best and . . .

First up, reality star and Skinnygirl Margaritas founder Bethenny Frankel is being sued for a big fat $100 million by her former management company Raw Talent. According to "The Hollywood Reporter" by way of TMZ, Raw Talent is claiming that " Bethenny expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement." Raw Talent is also claiming that they got Bethenny a bunch of contacts before she ditched them a scant few days before selling Skinnygirl for some $120 million. $100 million is a lot of money, but we're sure that Bethenny would rather pay that than have to listen to Countess LuAnn sing.

In other celeb news, some celebrity is getting sued for knowingly spreading herpes. The thing is, nobody knows who the celeb is. Or who is suing the celeb. According to TMZ and the lawsuit, plaintiff met the celeb on April 1 and hooked up with the male celeb worth some $100 million. They hooked up and even videotaped the getting down to the get down. The plaintiff allegedly asked the star if he had a venereal disease and the celeb said he didn't. Now the plaintiff is claiming the celeb knew it all along and lied to him/her. In the celeb's defense, it WAS April Fools Day.

And lastly Hugh Grant was thisclose to taking his bumbling British man routine to primetime as Charlie Sheen's replacement on "Two and a Half Men." Aside from their shared love of prostitutes, we're not quite sure that Hugh Grant would've made a proper substitute for Charlie Sheen. Also, what in the fuck is going on with your career when you're willing to be the replacement for Charlie Sheen? Wait, they were offering him $25 for a season of the show? Shit. Give us one of those ugly bowling shirts and a pair of khaki shorts and we'll try to pretend that Jon Cryer isn't too painfully talented for this show.

And that's just a little bit of the tea for today. Let us get our Whitney Houston on!

Hey Mixtapers! Thanks for continuing reading! Welcome to another edition of THROWBACK THURSDAY, that fine, fresh, fierce, got nostalgia on lock destination. Today we're taking a look back at some of Whitney Houston's crazier moments as news breaks that she's in a drug and alcohol treatment program. The only thing we enjoy more than a Whitney Houston comeback is the downward slide she's bouncing back from. If this was "Valley of the Dolls," Whitney Houston would TOTALLY be Neely O' Hara and Aretha Franklin would be the wise Helen Lawson whose wig gets snatched by the uppity young upstart with all the talent but none of the steely determination to not sink into the drug scene. Wow. We really need to get a script together and send it to Whitney since it can't be any worse than that sequel to "Waiting to Exhale" she's allegedly going to be starring in.

Anyway, Whitney has been going through these ups and downs for so long that it's almost hard to forget that period of time when she was the squeaky clean girl of pop music with a fresh face powdered with horrendous 1980s makeup because purple blush seemed to be the only thing available for Black women during that decade. Regardless, with model good looks, family connections to the industry and a voice of incredibly strength and beauty, Whitney took the music industry by storm. Below, Whitney Houston riffs the ever loving fuck out of the "Annie" classic tune "Tomorrow" while rocking a Gumbi haircut that would eventually be co-opted by her future ex-husband Bobby Brown.

For the rest of the decade and into the 1990s, Whitney was the picture of perfection. The most sordid she ever really got was wanting somebody to dance with her while she wore a weave that made her look like the Cowardly Lion.

After marrying Bobby Brown, things went down hill fast. To show exactly how it went, we offer you this dramatic re-enactment of the home life of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston by way of Aries Spears and Debra Wilson of "MADTV."

For anybody who sat through the hot mess splendor that was "Being Bobby Brown," you know that sketch is barely satire of the real Whitney and Bobby.

Through most of the 1990s, Whitney's behavior became more and more erratic. Like, she made Liza Minelli look rational and put together in comparison. There were many times when Whitney just seemed completely out of it, like this performance in Brunei. Pay close attention as Whitney, clad in basically a disco ball, comes strutting out on stage, ADJUSTING HER WIG and lipsyncs the big note in "I'm Every Woman."

But it wasn't like Whitney Houston couldn't deliver during the 1990s. She could sing songs while applying makeup. Let's see Christina Aguilera do that.

Whitney pretty much went off the rails when we got the 2000s. There was that disasterous appearance at Michael Jackson/Jackson Five concert in 2001 where she came out and looked like one of those science class skeletons.

Of course, there was the notorious Diane Sawyer interview where Whitney delivered a plethora of amazing quotes.

There are so many things that still delight about this interview: Whitney's ten thousand packs of cigarettes a day speaking voice, Diane Sawyer's multitude of I CARE FOR YOU faces/statements that pepper the interview, Bobby Brown's random appearance while Whitney is getting interviewed, and Whitney's overall delusion that she was smartly shutting down Diane Sawyer's questions left and right with her highly intellectual responses.

And Whitney could barely let this interview settle down before she went to a pre-syndicated TV show Wendy Williams. In YouTube in three parts, the interview is pretty much the most genius thing ever done by any person anywhere in the world. It is one of the moments in Whitney's life where she somehow managed to outdo the Debra Wilson parody of herself. Like the Debra Wilson parody of her would stop, look at this interview and go, "GIRL GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER."

And when she wasn't bombing in interviews, Whitney's live performances were suffering. Below, Whitney sings her horrendous ballad "Try It On My Own" from her underrated "Just Whitney" album. Whitney hits some notes in this song that would make screeching alley cats put their paws over their ears.
Dem notes gurl.

Recently, Whitney Houston had a comeback of sorts with her album "I Look to You," particularly with her stunning, flawless, amazing single "Million Dollar Bill." Unfortunately for fans, Whitney couldn't seem to sing the song live that well and routinely got drowned out by a female backup singer who mysteriously sounded exactly like Luther Vandross. Pay extra attention to all the side eye action that Karl Lagerfeld and Lily Allen exchange each other during the performance.

Whitney Houston went on to launch a tour throughout Europe in support of the album. Audiences, shall we say, were not too fussed with her performance.

After her tour, Whitney went and regrouped a little bit. We'll give her credit for servin' it on BET with Kim Burrell.

Though Whitney Houston is probably always going to have these ups and downs, we're always going to be a huge fan of hers. This is the woman who brought us so many fantastic musical moments that we're never going to turn our back on her. Some of that is out of loyalty. Some of that is because we don't want her to steal anything so she can buy some more weed. LOVE YA WHITNEY!

As always, we wish you love, peace and downloads!

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