The Majak Mixtape - TUNESDAY! (5/17/11)

Greetings Mixtapers! Welcome to another stunning, flawless, amazing, SNATCHING THE EARBUDS OFF YOUR FAVORITE edition of the Majak Mixtape, where pop culture goes when it tries to figure out what Chuck Bass is saying when he mumble/whispers all his lines on "Gossip Girl."

It's Tuesday and we all know what that means at this point. It's time for another installment of TUNESDAY, where we dish the dirt on this week's new releases. Today, we're going to take a peak at a reissue of a classic 1980s album, some artists trying to stave off being known as just one hit wonders, as well as albums from Danger Mouse, Moby and Ben Harper. But before we get to the tunes, it's time for us to:

First up, to the surprise of no one, Donald Trump is not running for President, having only been able to capture the small but vocal "washed-up celebrities" demographic of the voting public. With the "Celebrity Apprentice" being renewed for another season and NBC making it clear it was going to go on with or without Trump plus, you know, Trump probably never actually being serious about it, there was little doubt among anybody that Trump wouldn't announce that he wasn't running for President. Somewhere, Bret Michaels is incredibly mad that he's lost out on getting an ambassadorship to Cancun.

Elsewhere, a CNN reporter has come out of the closet. And no, it's not the certain grey-haired one you're thinking of. In his new memoir "Transparent," CNN reporter Don Lemon, who is no way related to Liz Lemon, comes out and recently discussed with the "NY Times" how he considers himself a double minority as he is also African-American. Don Lemon joins the ranks of CNN's Thomas Roberts as well as Rachel Maddow as some of the few openly gay faces of news. The only thing we're disappointed by is that Lemon came out in a book and not in one of those scrolling tickers at the bottom of the screen. That would've been amazing.

In other news, Fred Flintstone might be making a lot of abortion jokes in the future. It's been announced that "Family Guy"/"American Dad"/"The Cleveland Show" creator Seth MacFarlane has inked a deal to reboot the classic Hanna Barbara Stone Age comedy for the Fox Network. The show will go into production this year in order to make it to the air in 2013. This news makes us hope that the guys behind "South Park" relaunch "The Jetsons" and kill off George Jetson at the end of every episode when he takes Astro out on a run.

Now check yourself in the mirror and twirl yourself into the rest of the Mixtape!

Hey Mixtapers! Thanks for continuing reading. We've got a lot of stuff to go through so let us not waste time, okay? OK! First up, Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley fame isn't waiting around for Ceelo to stop singing "Fuck You" at folks. Instead, he's putting out a brand spankin' new album today with Italian composer Daniele Luppi called "Rome." The fifteen-track album is an ode to classic "spaghetti westerns" of 1960s, when Italian producers/directors made films with the likes of the then upcoming Clint Eastwood. Is it a little odd for an album to be based around the extremely sort of esoteric idea of spaghetti westerns and their music? Sure. It's so hipster it bleeds irony. But we're not surprised given Danger Mouse's pedigree. He is the man that gave us one of the greatest mash-up albums ever in the form of "The Grey Album" that put together Jay-Z's vocals from his "The Black Album" with the Beatles' "The White Album."

"Rome" features some vocals from Jack White.

As well as Norah Jones, who we always enjoy everywhere else except her own albums.

With Quentin Tarantino allegedly penning an ode to spaghetti westerns as his next film, "Rome" might find itself being the future soundtrack of a roaring rampage in chaps.

Next up, The New Boyz try to prove there is more to them than being a Jerk. The New Boyz first hit the scene with their mega-hit "You're a Jerk," a song that introduced to large portions of America the dance style of "jerking," which is not nearly as a) sexual and b)scintillating as you'd think it be.

Clad in their Hot Topic skinny jeans, the New Boyz were the rap duo for the hipster set apparently. The New Boyz also scored some smaller hits with a song with Ray J, which we won't link to because nobody deserves to have to listen to Ray J's vocals, as well as recently getting another small hit with the song "Backseat," which is probably one of Rebecca Black's favorite tunes.

We're sort of meh about The New Boyz, though we did have "You're a Jerk" on one of our mixtapes AND we're pretty sure we have a New Boyz t-shirt we got for like two dollars from Hot Topic. So I guess we're not that meh about them. Anyway, the New Boyz currently have a promo single out featuring Chris Brown called "Better With the Lights Off." Of course Chris Brown would say it's better with the lights off. It's harder for a person to see the fist coming that way.

Next up, as we inch closer to closer to the release of "Born This Way" next week, Lady GaGa is releasing more and more tunes. Besides her track "The Edge of Glory," which is now being slated as her third single due to the positive response in iTunes sales, Lady GaGa released yesterday another track to iTunes titled "Hair."

We're sort of digging how both "The Edge of Glory" and "Hair" are tunes that could've fit easily onto soundtracks for films starring Molly Ringwald. Does it help that Lady GaGa has a fever and the only cure for it is apparently not cowbell but saxophone as both songs feature sax solos from Clarence Clemons of E-Street Band fame.

And while Lady GaGa is busily singing about how she IS her hair, we're briefly flashing back to India.Arie telling us she ISN'T her hair. She's also not the average girl in your video. This begs the question: WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU THEN?

Next up, Moby is back with a new album. Oh Moby. We remember when you used to be everywhere because of your love of licensing your music out for every possible commercial that came your way. His 1999 album "Play" was an absolute monster with popular singles like "South Side" featuring Gwen Stefani.

As well as "Bodyrock."

He may not be nearly ubiquitous as he once was, but Moby is back with a new album of music titled "Destroyed." The lead single of the album is the track "The Day."

In other new album news, Ben Harper is back with a new album titled "Give Till It's Gone," his first album in some five years. Other than being hot and being estranged from his wife Laura Dern, we really don't know all that much about Ben Harper. But apparently Harper is good enough for Ringo Star and Jackson Browne to work with so props to him. Below, the first single "Rock n Roll is Free":

Lastly, The Go-Gos are re-releasing their debut album "Beauty and the Beat" in honor of it being some 30 years since the album debuted. "Beauty and the Beat" is probably one of our top 50 favorite albums of all-time, a perfect blend of new wave rock powered by Belinda Carlisle's vocals and the songwriting duo of Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey. There was more to the album than just to the awesome and giddy single "We Got the Beat."

And of course "Our Lips Are Sealed."

Our favorite track off the album will always be "This Town."

The song went on to be covered and used for the amazing guilty pleasure reality show that was the MTV series "Rich Girls."

And with that, my lovelies, brings to conclusion another edition of TUNESDAY. Be sure to check back next week when we take on the release of "Born This Way" as well as the NKTOB/BSB album and another new "Glee" album. Which speaking of "Glee," here is a track from tonight's penultimate episode of the season.

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